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Date Conference Faculty Best Value
Date Conference Faculty Best Value
Jun 28,2024 New EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace Jacquiline M. Wagner $189.00 Order Now
Jun 25,2024 Employee Business Expense Reimbursement Patrick A. Haggerty $189.00 Order Now
Jun 20,2024 Understand How To Get IRS Tax Amnesty - Eliminate IRS Tax Debt Daniel J. Pilla $149.00 Order Now
Jun 20,2024 Planning for 2025 and Beyond – Sunset of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Warren M Bergstein $159.00 Order Now
Jun 14,2024 Inherited IRAs: Understand Tax Issues and Planning Klaralee R. Charlton $159.00 Order Now
Jun 13,2024 IRS Form 1065: Top 10 Common Errors and How to Avoid Them Nick Preusch CPA $119.00 Order Now
Jun 11,2024 DOL Issues Final Rule on Independent Contractor Classification Vicki M. Lambert $179.00 Order Now
Jun 07,2024 Unpacking and Navigating the DOL’s New Overtime Exemption Rule Gerald L. Maatman $179.00 Order Now

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